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Farmhouse Grazing Box & Platter

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The ploughman's platter is a classic that takes you on a journey from paddock to plate. It features a delightful combination of ingredients that harken back to its rustic origins. The star of the platter is usually a generous serving of hearty, matured cheese, which brings out the full flavor and richness. Accompanying this cheesy goodness are bread and crackers, providing the perfect base for the platter.
To add a touch of freshness, you'll find a colorful assortment of pickles, chutneys, and tangy relishes, highlighting the preserved goodness of the harvest. Completing the ensemble are slices of succulent, cured meats, sourced from the finest local farms. All these delectable elements come together to create a truly indulgent experience that celebrates the heritage of British pub fare and satisfies the cravings of any discerning palate.