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Organic rapadura, also known as panela, is an unrefined and unbleached sugar popular for its unique caramel flavour. It is produced by simply evaporating the water from the organic sugar cane juice. Rapadura retains most of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as unlike refined sugar, the nutrient dense molasses from the sugar cane is not removed during the pressing and drying process.

Rapadura is the perfect product for baking and the sweetening of food and drinks. Simply substitute 1 cup of rapadura for 1 cup of other sugars (e.g. white/raw/brown) in any recipe.

Nutritional Information   Average quantity per 100g
Energy   1600kj
Protein   0.2g
Carbohydrates   86.5g
Sugars   86.5g
Fat Total   0g
Fat Saturated   0g
Sodium   25mg


Ingredients: Organic Sugar Cane

Made in Australia from Local and Imported Ingredients

No GMO. No added colours or preservatives. Unbleached and unrefined.